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-------- Objectives ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Difficult Anatomy Navigation Technology Prevention and Management of Complications Advanced Techniques


Endoscopic approach for Sinus and Skull Base Surgery was established as a standard surgical technique during the last decades. It provides treatment for plenty of indications related to rhinological pathologies. Due to new developments from a sharing worldwide community it underwent essential changes and expanded into more and more challenging procedures. Surgical Navigation also known as Image Guidance is a key technology to support surgeons with orientation in this limited surgical field.





-------- Experts --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


The international faculty of leading surgeons will share their knowledge and experience about the current state of scientific and technological knowledge. The symposium is intended to share and discuss different views about anatomy, surgical approaches, future developments and perspectives on a critical but constructive level.

The excellent faculty of the symposium will guarantee an exchange of knowledge with top level surgeons.



Symposium Board

Prof. David W. Kennedy, M.D. (Philadelphia, USA)

Prof. Keat Jin Siow (Singapore)


International Faculty (as of 2016-02-19)

Prof. Christopher Bohr, M.D. (Erlangen, Germany)

OA Dr. Martin Bruch (Linz, Austria)

Prof. Ricardo L. Carrau, M.D. (Columbus, USA)

Prof. Roy R. Casiano, M.D. (Miami, USA)

Prof. Martin J. Citardi, M.D. (Houston, USA)

OA Dr. Magdalena Margoc  (Linz, Austria)




-------- Program (as of 2016-05-20) - available for download)---------------------------------------------------------------------------


Saturday 11 June, 2016 - Morning Sessions





08:30 10:00



 Prof. Kennedy, Prof. Siow


Introduction Speech

 German Embassy in Cuba

 08:55 Introduction Lecture FESS  Prof. Bohr
 09:25 Endoscopic Surgery The Cuban Perspective  Prof. Adolfo Hidalgo (Cuba)
 09:40 The Evolution of Navigation Technology  Prof. Kennedy

10:00 10:30

Break & Exhibition

10:30 12:30


Basic Endoscopic Anatomy and Critical Landmarks in Performing a Safe ESS

 Prof. Casiano


Integrated Approach for Frontal Sinus Surgery

 Prof. Citardi


Challenging Cases in the Frontal Sinuses

 Prof. Siow


Risks & Limitations Prevention and Management, Advantages of Navigation

 Prof. Bohr

12:30 13:30

Lunch Break & Exhibition





Saturday 11 June, 2016 - Afternoon Session





13:30 15:30


Frontal Sinus Surgery Choosing best Options

 Prof. Kennedy

 13:50 The Ideal IGS in FESS  Prof. Siow


Endoscopic Transpterygoid Approaches

 Prof. Carrau

 15:00 Endoscopic Anterior Skull Base Surgery  Prof. Casiano

15:30 16:00

Break & Exhibition

16:00 17:00


Live Dissection Part I Comprehensive Nasal Endoscopy and Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

 Prof. Kennedy


Live Dissection Part II Ballon-Assisted Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

 Prof. Citardi


Live Dissection Part III
Lothrop/Extended frontal Sinusotomy

 Prof. Casiano


End of Faculty Day 1


Dinner (Reception)



Sunday 12 June, 2016






09:00 10:30



 Prof. Kennedy, Prof. Siow


Emerging Technologies

 Prof. Kennedy

 09:30 Approaches to the Sella and Suprasellar Areas  Prof. Carrau
 10:00 Inverted Papilloma  Prof. Citardi
 10:15 Latest Developments in Balloon Sinuplasty  Prof. Bohr

10:30 11:00

Break & Exhibition

11:00 12:30


Challenging Cases In and Beyond the Sinuses

 Prof. Siow


DCR in Children

 Dr. Margoc


Endoscopic Orbital Surgery (DCR and Orbital Neoplasms)  Prof. Casiano


Endoscopic Endonasal Repair of Orbital Floor Fractures

 Dr. Bruch

12:30 13:30

Lunch Break & Exhibition

13:30 15:15


Live Dissection Part I Simultaneous Radiologic and Endoscopic Anatomy with the IGS

 Prof. Siow


Live Dissection Part II - Dacryocystorhinostomy  Prof. Bohr


Live Dissection Part III Approach to the Sella  Prof. Carrau


Closing Remarks
 All Speakers
 Prof. Kennedy,  Prof. Siow


End of Faculty Day 2





-------- Poster Submission --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Students and other researchers from research groups within the symposiums thematic frame are encouraged and welcome to present their work at the poster session during the "2nd International Symposium on Navigated Sinus and Skull Base Surgery".


For more detailed information please load the "Invitation to the Poster Session"


For your application for poster presentation please use the Conference Tool.


-------- Registration -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


The participation is free of charge.

On registration you have to pay a nominal fee for a hotel voucher for three nights from June 10th to June 13th. Prebookings are made in a 5*Hotel by the symposium organisation. The roomrates (all meant for three nights from June 10th to June 13th) are geared to the freshest roomrate offers. Therfore early registration is highly recommended. 



 Single Room (three nights)


 Double Room (three nights)


 Accompanying Person (social event)


For registration please use the Conference Tool.


-------- Venue -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Hotel Meli Cohiba  

Ave. Paseo entre 1 y 3 Vedado
10400 Vedado

Ciudad de la Habana, CUBA


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For any information request please fill in the subsequent form.









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